Building sites since 1994

Adapti Tech, Inc. has been building web sites when the WWW was in its infancy. As early as 1994 and as an internal project to solve a Concurrent Engineering problem, Larry Nixon, Adapti Tech, Inc.'s founder and president, pulled down the CERN http, loaded it on a server, and fired it up. By connecting divison departments of engineering, production, sales, legal, and financing a fortune 500 company had its first Intranet system linking the varied company disciplines. Before HTML was a 'save as' format of Word, hundreds of pages were converted using a set of macros Larry had written in Word. Since HTML composers were almost non-existant at the time, and company documents were often written in Word, Larry could convert the Word documents to HTML, index them with a text indexing search engine and store them to the server space for company wide access. Documents of applications such as engineering drawings were mapped to their native applications so that when they were accessed through the old Mosaic browser, the application software would be spawned, it would load the file and work was performed. Complex design automation tools ran on the same platform from the same interface as the viewing of production procedures or legal policies. From that time on, Larry used his web design capabilities to build other sites for his employers.

Adapti Tech, Inc. Established 2002

In January 2002, Larry struck out on his own and established Adapti Tech. In September of that same year the company was incorporated.

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